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Local Business Internet Advertising

Either your website finds your customers, or your customers will find another website. –Unknown

A website without advertising is like a brochure in a closet.  –Unknown

Reasons to Advertise Locally  (Long List = Lots of Reasons)

  1. Instant Results. No lag time in publishing or production.
  2. No Long Term Commitments. Campaigns can be turned on and off at anytime.
  3. Total Budget Control. Start at a $2.00 a day until you’re comfortable and confident.
  4. Precision Customer Targeting.  Want to reach only people within 20 miles of your location looking for exactly what you do? No Problem.
  5. Only Pay for Success.  With Google AdWords it doesn’t cost a dime until your customer actually views your website (and they start you with a $100 credit).
  6. Perfect Market Research. Online advertising is the fastest, most affordable way to gather research about your customer base like… how many people use the Internet to find your phone number?
  7. Lot’s of it is Free. There are countless ways to ways to advertise on the Internet that don’t cost a penny.
  8. The Future. Your next generation of customers are all here, are you?
  9. A Changing World.  Have noticed the advertisements for yp.com. Apparently the old-fashioned Yellow Pages aren’t what they used to be.
  10. Newspaper readership on the steady decline.
  11. Television Audience Fracturing.  More dollars spread over more places, less return.
  12. Protect Your Rep.  Your business probably already has a reputation, do you know if it’s good or bad?

Why a Smart Start is the Smart Way to Start Advertising Your Local Business

  1. Brutal Honesty. If your website sucks, you’ll hear it from us first. We won’t help you feed a dead horse even if you offer to pay us.
  2. No Long Term Commitments. We want to insure the value of our services, so every online program comes with an introductory period.
  3. Local, PPC, SEO (On the Page first). We realize that sounds like Chinese to you so…
  4. A Teaching Style of Doing. Want to learn a little as you go? We’re happy to explain what we do and why it’s important.
  5. Regular Account Review. Set it and forget it doesn’t work. We’ll keep a close eye on everything to make sure there’s nothing funny happening.
  6. A Plan for Any Budget.  We have to make some money, but we can work with you.